Hey, I'm 

and I'm searching for a full-time UX Design position that values the power of visual design and explorative thinking.



I've been crafting my skills as a creative problem solver at the VCU Brandcenter. During this time, I've worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from VR game design to sustainable packaging for dog food. What I value the most about this time is that it made me feel confident approaching any problem with the mindset that I can find a solution.

 Below are a few of my favorite prompts that I set out to solve. Many of which, I'm still coming back to.


Problems & Solutions


How could Soundcloud differentiate itself from its competition through an event?

Experiential Design, Prototyping


How can you redesign a sour brand into something sweet?

Package design, Product Design

Victoria's Secret

How can we use technology to help people find a better fitting bra?

Ui Design, Emerging Technology

Project 75

How can we apply UX principles to the Sexual Assault Reporting Process?

Interaction Design, Empathetic Design


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