I Found Passion in a Dump

It was my Sophomore year at VCU, and I had just watched the film, "Beauty is Embarrassing".  A  documentary about the life of the sometimes controversial artist Wayne White. Feeling inspired, I went dumpster diving in the trash bin behind my apartment, searching for anything that I could use craft with.  I collected some cardboard boxes and began to work my magic. 


Over the next few months, I built a full-body costume named, The Galactic Elder. With inspiration from, The Dark Crystal, Flash Gordon, and many other space operas, I wanted to create a character that would be cheerful and cosmic.

Finishing that project gave me an unmeasurable amount of joy and motivated me to continue challenging myself with new projects. It was the passion for trying new things that made me want to apply to the VCU Brandcenter and learn about Experience Design.

What attracted me to UX was the ever-changing creative process and a never-ending sense of discovery. I had an incredible two years and feel very proud of all of the skills I was able to develop during such a small time. Now that I've finished my schooling, I'm eager to put my skills to work and create some dope sh#t with some dope people.

Now I like to try a bit of everything.





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