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Victoria’s Secret's is a household staple yet lately their sales have been slowly declining with the rise of innovative competition.


From their roots, Victoria's Secret has been a company that makes female products for men's pleasure. In today's world, that philosophy is holding less and less of a significant role in their customer's eyes. Instead, they're turning to alternative brands that focus on positive topics such as body diversity, comfortability, and quality products.


While the company certainly needs to catch up to fit modern beliefs, it still dominates the lingerie market. With major influence, brand recognition, and resources, Victoria’s Secret can easily adapt to these changes and more.


Evolve the Victoria's Secret Brand to incorporate an improved product design, a modern voice, and state of the art technology.


Find a stale brand using modern trends.


A World Renowned Brand

Since it's explosive beginnings in 1977, the company has risen to be recognized as top of class among household apparel, beauty merchandise, and in the fashion entertainment industry.  For many people, this brand represents what it's like to look and feel sexy, but in the past few years consumer culture and trends have shifted, and Victoria's Secret's traditional messaging isn't as relevant as their competition.


Their sales have been steadily declining since 2015, while more and more competitors pop up every day. After the brand reached its peak, Victoria’s Secret began to lose its appeal to shoppers. Last year, their sales dropped by 12% because of the lack of evolution and the perception of the brand. Victoria's Secret is in a dire need to stay relevant, and they need to implement some major changes to do so.

Survival of the Fittest

80% of women wear the wrong size bra and don't even know it. As a forerunner of fashion Victoria's Secret should be responsible for taking this on, but their sizing practices and external messaging have major flaws. Their competitors are better-adjusted to match consumer expectations for their retail for the foreseeable future. These brands aim to give women the best fit and style and to address some of the major pain points of the bra buying process.

Focusing on Self Improvement

There is hope though. A majority of Victoria's Secret's competition lacks physical retail space, which means women cannot try on bras in person. Victoria’s Secret is the biggest brick and mortar lingerie retailer, which means they can offer their customers the ability to actually try on bras and and be sized before going through a purchase. The physical act of seeing and touching a selection of product influences so much of the purchasing decision and gives Victoria's Secret an advantage. Victoria’s Secret has changes that need to be made internally and externally, but they still own 60% of the lingerie market. With a few small changes learning from their competition, Victoria Secrets could keep the throne.

the fit vs logo.png


Victoria's Secret will support your boobs and your lifestyle.

The Best Fit Mirror


A Motion Capture mapping cameras and sensors paired with an augmented reality smart mirror. To accurately measure and classify breast shapes in order to give bra wearers a more comfortable and practical fit. While also enhancing the bra purchasing process by making personalization a priority. 

*The best fit mirror technology will only be offered in one fitting room

The Fit by VS.png

Introducing "The Fit" by VS


Understanding the difficulties everyday bra wearers go through, the Fit by VS is a separate addition to the Victoria's Secret family that bridges the gap between the comfortability of PINK and the charm of their traditional line. Awhile focusing on topics of education, representation, and realistic standards.

That Opens with a Hang!


To bring attention to this new line of products. Victoria’s Secret would hold a public “hanging” smackdown in the middle of Times Square. Initially as a press event and eventually a short term out of the home display, this event allows people to express their resentment towards their uncomfortable bras and exchange for a new best-fit bra. No longer will uncomfortable bras control your everyday life. The display will hang a week before the launch of VS and appear on launch. As time goes on the Board will eventually be filled and then taken down.

A New Line of Bras

You can't have a brand named, "The Fit" without having bras and lingerie that don't fit well on you boobs. Victoria Secret's will be using their expert design team to craft an exquisite line that values diversity in body shape, quality materials, and versatile comfort. With an already volumous variety of resources, this new line will not only match its competitors product value, it'll blow them out of the water.

A Shift in Messaging

Although "The Fit" is an expansion of VS, it had to be distinguishable. We developed a warm, and stylish identity to fit its overall goal. This natural feel is meant to make the brand feel more mature while also remaining vibrant and sexy.   


The extension of branding and products will be first placed in selected Tier 1 retail stores and eventually reach all Tier 2 stores.  Along with the physical stores, the  digital retail experience will be updated with a new subpage added to their existing website​.


A little over one week before the launch the Victoria’s Secret social media team will delete all of their previous content without notice. Every day forward it will release one new picture a day to flirt the new line. 


A large part of, "The Fit by Vs" is allowing their customers to feel comfortable in their own skin and bras. In order to do that Victoria Secret has a responsibility to help educate its consumers about their bodies and best practices for finding products that work well with them. To do this, the brand's sub-page with have an abundant supply or crafted resources to help people learn more about themselves and bodies in general. Increasing representation of skin colors, body shape, and sexuality is critical with customers and will be highly promoted with this new extension.




Integrating Tech with the Best Fit Mirror


It's a little known fact buy you're supposed to get resized at least once every year. Boobs, like their owners, are ever-changing. With 80% of women wearing the wrong sized bra, the system in which we fit bras needs to be improved. That's where the Best Fit Mirror steps in. 


The Best Fit Mirror is an awesome new way for people to get fitted and try on bras at their own privacy. Its purpose is to guide and educate users to find their best-fitted bra. In an attempt to improve the current method of measuring, this new device will allow easier access to personalized information about their boob shape and size.




With the Rise of COVID-19 many retail brands including Vicotia's Secret are struggling to keep up with traditional business models. The Fit brand extension would allow an added attraction to take away from many of their direct-to-customer competitors during a time when online orders are thriving. Furthermore, with the reopening of many retail stores, the Best Fit Mirror allows for a contactless store experience perfect for COVID-19 safety procedures offering a safer way to try on products.

Possible COVID-19 Applications

Why This Works


With the addition of The Fit,  Victoria's Secret can easily regain leadership in their competitions market, propelling themselves into a growth phase while offering better services than before.


The Fit provides a much need solution to a problem that  80% of women are currently facing. With a new line of Bras and new ways of being sized, Victoria's secret can now provide all of it's new and existing customers with a product line that improves their life.


Integrating a tech this tech allows for an enhanced store experience, unlike any other retail provider. Victoria’s Secret will be at the forefront of this technology and set an industry standard for future retail experiences and consumer expectations.


"I always love to see companies use new types of tech. The mirror seems like such a fun and intriguing experience that would be so unique to their stores."

"For years I struggled to a bra that actually fit me properly, especially with their Victoria's Secret. I once went to get measured at the same store and two different people gave me two different sizes. It would have been helpful to see them take these kinds of actions back then and I'm sure it would be now."

"Big fan of the art and new looks, such a trendy vibe. I shop at Lively but these new bras could make me switch back."

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