Opportunity Expanded


My team and I had the opportunity to visit a few of Victoria’s Secret retail locations and speak with some of the floor managers responsible for helping customers with finding bras and sizing. What we learned was that while Victoria Secrets already trains some employees in bra fitting, there are major flaws in this education. Some of which have to do with the misleading way the measurements are taken, the categorization of sizes, as well as a lack of products that support diverse bodies. Overall the company's guidelines don’t actually fit best practices. Finding these best practices alone can be tricky and normally involve going down a Reddit hole. More so, when you do find them, they typically involve so unfamiliar movements and an extra person to help. As a leader in its industry, Victoria Secrets has the responsibility to educate its customers and lead an example for future generations to appreciate their bodies for the way they are.


In addition to making a store visit, my team also designed and received feedback from a few surveys asking women about their opinions on Victoria's Secret as well as their bra-wearing experiences in general. We also held one to one interviews and talked about their history with shopping for bras. A surprising amount of women stated that their first bra was purchased right after being sized at Victoria's Secret. Insights like this led my team to truly understand the importance of why Victoria's Secret needs to do a proper job at educating their audience.

Messaging Expanded


The Fit is all about embracing your true identity and being proud of it. While some of Victoria's Secret tradition branding tends to be more, "aspirational" this new tone tends is more inspirational. While designing many of the branded content it was important among our team to show a representation of all types of bodies, ages, and races. Anybody should feel welcome and reflected when they walk into The Fit. 

Overall the Fit is about loving yourself and feeling sexy no matter what occasion you're in.



Competition Expanded


Direct to consumer (with concept store) Fit finder quiz Price: $68 - $75


Direct to consumer & brick and mortar Fit Guide

Price: $35



Direct to consumer Fit quiz

Price: $33-$64


Brick and mortar location Fit bra technology - Somainnofit Price: $54-$78.


Last year, Soma introduced Somainnofit Bra, a sports bra designed with tech that measures the wearer. There is a corresponding app that provides the user with instructions and feedback to capture personal preferences. While this technology is impressive in what it claims to be able to do, the wearable's reviews and real-world capabilities say otherwise.

Best Fit Mirror Expanded


In technical terms, The "Best Fit Mirror" is a motion-capture mapping camera that accurately measures and classify breast shapes using infrared lights and sensor. Utilizing augmented reality, the devices give their users descriptive information about their breast shape and how to select a fitting bra from the Victoria Secret Inventory. It also guides them through a versatile line of products that range from comfortable to practical for their given lifestyles. While simultaneously enhancing the bra purchasing process, making personalization and choosing power a priority. 


A major concern of using this device is the cameras and sensors. The level of vulnerability that comes with voluntary nudity requires that all data being captured is used for ethical purposes only.  It's important to understand that while there are a camera and processer that is actively on and analyzing data, it is not recording an image of its user, or is the data being sent to alternative sources or databases. Therefore customers don't have to worry about if there's anybody else looking back at them besides themselves.

The system uses a body-tracking artificial intelligence program similar to the technique of Snapchat's facial recognition software. Using fed data about body structure it simply uses an algorithm with recorded depth measurements from infrared sensors to categorize size and type. The software's primary goal is to be a tool first, and personal interactive experience second.


The idea for the Best Fit Mirro takes heavy inspiration from other motion-tracking technology such as Xbox Kinect, Snapchat's facial recognition software, and rides at Disney World.  This type of technology already exists and is beginning to be used in the fashion industry with virtual attire and makeup. This type of experience could dramatically change how people approach fitting rooms forever.


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