The WNBA has been in the shadow of ridicule for long enough. Sometimes the best defense is an aggressive offense.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines to all of the smack that's talked about the WNBA, a team and I created a two part campaign to show the sheer force of the women of the WNBA.

The campaign would roll out with a series of print ads focusing on the resilience of players ever through the hate. We wanted to empower the young women that look up to WNBA players, and place them front and center.

The next step is introducing WNBA | Slides. Which would be the first official basketball shoes of the WNBA.


Meals Made Simple. A fun set of web and social advertisements I made from hand.

NWFCU Foundation

A collection of social media post and

e-invites I designed for NWFCU Foundation, a non profit focused on empowering the youth.