Galactic Elder

The first time I felt real passion in my life was my journey building the Galactic Elder, a full blown wearable costume made almost entirely out of cardboard I found from a dumpster.

The project was inspired by the documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing. Immediately after finishing the film I ran home and began a voyage into the dumpster behind my apartment. Without a plan of action I began to sculpt to what later became a mask. After time the mask evolved into a full blown costume, including mechanical hands. To the right is an Instagram feed I used to track my process. 


Taking inspiration from both the Venus of Willendorf and Niki de Saint Phalle's "Nanas", I created my own feminine, spinning sculpture using wire framing and a plaster filming.

Troll Head

Ever since the Galactic Elder I've been trying to improve my mask making skills by adding new textures and materials. This is my troll that lives under the bridge.

The Sun Lord

& Moon Queen

My first artistic partnership with my friend Summer Hall, making Afro-tribal inspired mask.

Looking Forward

Every time I finish a project I have ten other in mind. While time may be limited my imagination is endless. In the future I plan to push my skills in mask making and sculpture, possibly even incorporating them in film.​